5 Tips for Preventing the Restaurant Portion-Control Trap

I’m on the highway a whole lot for work, therefore i eat at restaurants more regularly than Let me admit. I used to believe that the most challenging part of counting on restaurant food was finding healthy options. These full days, that doesn’t appear to become a significant problem -if there is nothing healthy on the menu, I I could always require something to prepare yourself differently (e.g., steamed rather than fried).

But a very important factor I have a problem with, though, is portion control. Perhaps you have ever pointed out that restaurants more often than not offer you more food than you should certainly eat at any given meal?

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, a primary entrée should contain only 667 calories, with significantly less than 35 percent of these calorie consumption, and less than 767 milligrams of sodium. But, a report published in-may in the journal Public Health Nutrition study discovered that a startling 96 percent of main dishes sold at the very top chain restaurants in the U.S. exceed those limits — in sodium content especially.

The portions are large and the plates are larger, so it is hard to tell when you should certainly stop eating. You wish to adhere to your diet, nevertheless, you feel just like you’ve been trapped. What now ??

Here are a few tricks for controlling portions when you dine out at a restaurant:

  1. Avoid appetizers no matter what . Not merely does the excess dish make it harder to keep an eye on just how much you’re eating, but appetizers have significantly more calories often, sodium and fat than entrées.
  2. Keep a careful watch at family-oriented restaurants . Based on the Public Health Nutrition study, these fared worse compared to the budget-conscious, junk food restaurants. This won’t mean you should eat even more junk food, though. Find healthy options at the family eateries Just, and keep a close eye about how much you’re eating.
  3. Require a smaller second plate . Before you take in anything, separate out some that you estimate to become a healthy size. Immediately require the others to be wrapped up; this are certain to get it off the table when you eat your meal.
  4. As you’re building your healthy portions, follow these simple guidelines :
  5. Protein = how big is your open palm
  6. Veggies = 1 ½ cupped hands
  7. Grains = how big is your cupped hand
  8. Fight the urge to consume dessert, or decide on a fruit cup instead . Remember that portions remain important. Compare your fruit cup to how big is your closed fist. Whether it’s larger, you will have to then add of it to your doggie bag, so that you can eat it at the next meal.

Healthy Bites appears on MyHealthNewsDaily on Wednesdays. Deborah Herlax Enos is a qualified nutritionist and a health coach and weight loss expert in the Seattle area with an increase of than twenty years of experience. Read more tips about her blog, Health in a rush!

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5 Tips for Preventing the Restaurant Portion-Control Trap